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Quoting from one company selling this rating scale: “Because it is so quick and cost-effective, ACTeRS can be used to screen students or to confirm a suspected diagnosis of ADD or ADD-H.”  What is more astounding then this statement is when discussing ADD/ADHD the company states, “Because this disorder manifests itself primarily in the classroom, it is best evaluated by teacher ratings.”  


Many organizations have fought diligently to prevent teachers from diagnosing children with mental disorder like ADD/ADHD.


"To have companies blatantly marketing these products to schools with claims such as these is a serious cause for alarm."....Ablechild Statement in response to marketing schemes that place teachers as those that can and should judge, label, and ultimately diagnose children with subjective mental disorders.





















This website was created by (Parent for Label and Drug Free Education) to help parents better understand the real issues surrounding ADD/ADHD.  On this site,  we look at the testing and the drugs used in the "diagnosis". We found that the testing is so subjective that almost anyone can be labeled ADD/ADHD and the drugs prescribed for the "diagnosis" could have many serious long term side effects. 


Help yourself understand to help your child!!


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